September 23, 2014
People Get Ready

There are two things that I remember about November 4th 2008 the first of course, was the election of Barack Obama (as much as I take pride in my citizenship and my veteran status – I never expected to see that day). The other thing that I remember is a lot of people celebrating the fact that they voted – FOR THE FIRST TIME.  I’m not talking about 25 and under but people my age. 

I couldn’t believe it – my generation my not have had Instagram, Twitter or Facebook but the power of video was shining on the America war for civil rights as well as Vietnam. Those of us that didn’t go the front lines saw the supression tactics.

In Ferguson, Missouri hundreds of people have taken to the streets to ‘ask’ for respect.  They think they are demanding but they are not if they demanded respect than they would be lining up at the courthouse to register to vote. That used to scare the hell out of racist and that’s why they brought out the dogs, and the fire hoses. 

Ferguson is 66 percent Black but during the last election only 6 percent voted. There is one Black person out of six on the city council and out of fifty plus police – only three are Black.  They can take it to the streets all they want but they aren’t taking power until they vote.

A lot of people justify their inaction by saying it doesn’t make any difference but in this country there are still those that are trying to keep Black Folk from voting so I kind of believe that it does make a difference. Look at Scotland, the people who voted for independence didn’t wind but notice was given and Parliament and Prime Minister have because over 80% of the people voted. Imagine if over 80 percent of Black folk in Ferguson have been voting…

Social Media is fine but you need boots on the ground to make social change – if those boots are walking to register to vote and to vote.

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